VIP Mobile Nightclubs
What Makes A Great Mobile DJ? Experience!

Hi, my name is Mike Francis and I have been a DJ for more than 25 years. VIP is simply my trade name. If I had to sum up my performance in a single phrase that would be 'Keep the dancefloor packed'. I use recognisable classics, build from more downtempo songs early on to hands-in-the-air floorfillers by the end of the night. Above all, I know what works well and can help create natural, fun and unforgettable parties!

Many DJs think that their job is to steal the show. Not me. It's your special night and you and your guests are the centre of attention. My approach is 100% 'cheese-free', so don't expect any inappropriate shouting over the mic!

I take great pride in my polished and understated presentation, helping keep you happy and satisfied. By choosing my services, you can rest assured that there will be no silly props or flashy costumes, no harassing your audience, no 'join the dancefloor now' shouts or inappropriate remarks.

My years of experience have taught me to adapt, especially with older crowds, who are more challenging to satisfy. I have great confidence in my music and you can rest assured that all your guests should have a great time!

And if you prefer a reserved and trendy 'posh city-club' experience, don't forget that I'm a highly skilled nightclub DJ too and I can mix tracks of all genres live on the spot.