Lolli Parties Ltd
Professional Video Discos & Award Winning DJs

Lolli Parties is a professional entertainment company with over 35 years experience. Let's get some things straight...

We never lose sight of how important our role is in your special occasion - we appreciate you entrusting us and we strive to impress you at every opportunity.

When you book our DJ, you get our DJ! We are hugely protective of our reputation and we will confirm your DJ at the time of booking

We are a limited company, not an amateur hobby DJ. We are fully licensed and insured. Your investment in our services is fully protected by your card issuer when paying by credit or debit card.

When you book our company, you get our large screen video disco, adding another dimension to the package. Not only do we play music videos from the last 7 decades but they're perfect for showing photo collages, video clips from guests who can't attend (video telegrams) and custom logos and sequences that we provide at no extra cost

In short, we feel you will not find a better value professional entertainment package that our company. Yes you could find cheaper, but just what is being compromised in order to achieve this saving?

We believe that if you care enough to celebrate, book a professional.