Scorpio Mobile Disco
Professional Disco For Adult & Children's Parties

Since 1994 I have been providing a reliable, friendly disco service, catering for every kind of function; my aim to make every party a memorable one, for the right reasons! Adult functions: I use a large set of equipment with a modern lighting/laser show and professional sound system. Taking requests at the event, and accepting advance lists too if required, as many bookings are for weddings, couples often preferring to choose their music before the big day! I use cordless microphones, which are offered for evening speeches. Children's & Teen parties: A vast amount of my work is for under 18's, I bring either a DJ booth, or scaled down version of the adult system, using a T-bar stand with colourful lighting/lasers. I Interact, dancing to party songs, playing games tailored to the ages attending, and hold competitions. Sweets, all prizes and balloon swords or inflatables for teens games, are included in the fee and I can now offer Frozens Olaf, character too. For a small extra fee, he will make a guest appearance half way through the party, playing games and dancing. School discos: I work regularly with a number of schools, though new ones are always welcome. Usually time is more limited, but I squeeze in some games where possible, the dancing competition always features, and limboing for older children and teens. In between playing suitable music.